18 Mar

Spring is coming

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Even though the cold waves of this weird winter still continue to come and go, it seems the intensity has dropped and spring is just around the corner. The sky has become more blue more frequently, and sunny days like this are not too rare these days anymore. I took a picture with my phone while on a little road trip from the bakery. I love looking out the window on a driving car and just enjoying the scenery on the way, especially if it’s a sunny day with beautiful blue sky.

25 Oct

Black Stones & Floral Plate

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I don’t work with collages a lot in photography. This is one of my first exploration with creative collages/mosaic. It is a simple setup and the theme is Harmony. I used black stones and arranged them to mimic the flow of the floral decoration on the plate.

27 Jun

Rainy Day

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It’s a rainy day today. The sky is filled with gray clouds. Everything looks desaturated and muted. It’s not supposed to be my favorable day for inspiration, as I love the blue sky and sun-bashed colorful scenery outdoor. Light gives everything color. Yet I feel inspired. I got myself a cup of frappuccino, sat down at a table by the large glass wall of Starbucks, and looked outside at the wet brick road of Market Square. And I see colors, I see dancing flowing colors on the road! The colors come from the rainy puddles’ golden reflection of the headlights from cars driving by. The light bounces off from the uneven bricks, joins with the reflection, then fades into the cars’ shadow. And I see the little birds jumping on the ground, the pigeons walking idly across the road. I see one of the small birds drinking water from the rainy puddle. I see the raindrops sparkling on the chairs and tables outside. The leaves wave gently with the breeze. One leaf dropped to a puddle, vibrated on the water surface, then silently became a part of the tiny reflected world that lives in the rainy puddle. When the rain soon stopped, I look back at my frappuccino and realize it started to melt after I lost in my thought watching the scenery outside.

16 Apr

Hello world!

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Welcome to my website.